Sabinsa Corporation will feature the company’s game-changing Curcumin C3 Reduct® along with two new water-soluble ingredients, one from of Boswellia serrata, called Polybos® and the other called MoringIn from Moringa oleifera, at SupplySide Marketplace, Javits Center, New York, NY April 30 – May 2, 2013.

C3 Reduct® solves the issues of potency, color, dosage, stability and bioavailability concerns that have kept this highly beneficial herb from achieving the potential the body of science behind it warrants. As a color-free extract with superior solubility and pH stability than curcuminoids, Curcumin C3 Reduct® provides more formulation options to manufacturers. With higher bioavailability in the gut compared to parent curcuminoids, tetrahydrocurcuminoids makes a better choice for oral supplementation. Curcumin C3 Reduct® can be delivered in a smaller tablet or capsule. Sabinsa’s recommended Curcumin C3 Complex dosage is 1500mg/daily, but new Curcumin C3 Reduct® is recommended at 400mg/daily.

Sabinsa will introduce Polybos®, a water-soluble polysaccharide fraction of the exudates of Boswellia serrata. Polybos® displays excellent joint support activity in adjuvant induced arthritic animal models showing reduction odema as well as in markers such as TNF alpha and LTB4. The water-soluble property makes aqueous formulations practical, especially for sports nutritional applications.

Sabinsa will also introduce MoringIn, a completely water-soluble standardized extract from the dried leaves of Moringa oleifera which contains a minimum of 5% Rutin – a flavonoid glycoside. In India it has been used nearly 5000 years as a food ingredient and medicine. Moringa leaves are known to have a high content of protein, minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids and phytochemicals.

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